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Embracing a Flexible & Social Way of Living at LHA London.

Are you working in London as an intern, apprentice or placement student? Are you struggling to find accommodation? LHA want to change this.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay through the roof, for your roof. We offer 13 fantastic hostels in Central London which could be the perfect accommodation for your placement or internship in London.

With Wi-Fi and bills included in your price, our hostels are both cost-effective and hassle free! And on top of that, there’ll be no expensive commutes as we’re located within Zone 1 and 2 of the London Underground. Plus we’re super flexible, you can stay with us for up to four years! Just give us 7 days’ notice when you want to leave.

So why choose us?

As a charity we re-invest any surplus we make into growing and improving our services for those most in need. So by staying with us you’re not lining the pockets of shareholders, you’re enabling us to have greater social impact.

All our properties are in the city centre, meaning you’ll be close to your internship, apprenticeship or placement. Check out our properties.

Move in with only £200/£300 licence deposit – very cheap for London!

Bills, contents insurance, cleaning, Wi-Fi & gym access (where available) are all included in the price.

Don’t get tied in to a long-term contract. Stay with us and give just 7 days’ notice should your circumstances change. Stay with us for up to 4 years.


Are you 18-29 years old? Take advantage of up to 25% off when staying long term in selected shared rooms with LHA Rewards

From award-winning buildings, to traditional houses, we have a wide range of properties. We offer studios, singles, and shared rooms in catered and self-catered accommodation. We have a study room in every property to give you the facilities to excel at your school or university.

We know it’s not always easy moving to a new city, but we have many other interns and apprentices staying with us, with similar circumstances. We have common areas in every property meaning you’ll soon meet plenty of new friends with which to enjoy your experience in London. Check out our top tips to easily fit in in London.

All our properties have 24-hour key fob access, CCTV and a member of staff available at all times.

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