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Embracing a Flexible and Social Way of Living at LHA London

As a charity, LHA-Living is all about community and is becoming increasingly important as young people start to realise the value of sharing affordable living.

It has proven a great way to make friends and feel less lonely – something that young people new to the Capital can struggle with.

What’s more, it’s convenient and cost-effective as it offers individuals more than just a home. It’s a lifestyle, a social network and an opportunity to connect with others in increasingly isolating urban environments which is why it often appeals to both 20-somethings and older generations.

Living in one of LHA’s 13 properties and sharing with others gives you that all-important space including large common areas, decent-sized kitchens, and even a gym or garden in certain locations. What’s more, all bills including Wi-Fi are included in the weekly accommodation charges, along with repairs, maintenance and regular cleaning. Residents can then enjoy the convenience of flexible (and hassle-free) living without the normal frustrations and worries of a flatshare. Room types vary depending on individual requirements from studios to shared dorms. Each property also has 24 hours security and CCTV cameras for added safety.

One of the great advantages of LHA-Living is the balance between privacy and social life. You always have your space to do your own thing but you also have the option to hang out, make new friends and socialise with other residents from all over the world.”

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