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London Hostels & Student Accommodation

Providing young people with affordable, safe and secure accommodation in London.

Single Rooms

Shared Rooms

Location, Location, Location

All our sites are in zones 1 and 2 meaning not only is our pricing affordable but also travel costs are minimal with all the best parts of London literally on our doorstep.

“The accommodation provides value for money, safety, plus the staff are awesome”

Emma Wilkins

7 Aug 2021


Give a little of your time and stay for free!

Our Impact

As a charity we are determined to be a driver of social benefit by providing young people with affordable, safe and secure accommodation in London! 

Our Values

Our values are the pillars that govern everything we do. Helping young people achieve their potential and live life to the full! 


18-29 year-olds staying in shared rooms in the big city can earn up to 15% off with our loyalty scheme. The longer you stay, the less you pay!

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