Why Affordable Co-living is Essential in Cities Like London

Cheap coliving accommodation London

Co-living spaces are becoming increasingly popular across the world as young people start to realise the value of sharing affordable living spaces. In places like London in particular, it has proven a great way to make friends, save money and feel less lonely, something that young people new to London often struggle with.

Co-living is community. It’s a brilliant, relatively cheap and extremely enticing concept to more and more people around the world. Here are some reasons why affordable spaces, like LHA, are essential if you want to make your start in London.

Co-living is cost-effective

The sad truth is that buying a house in today’s market, particularly in London, is a stretch for the majority young people under 30. It’s simply too expensive, and unless you have the option to move in with family to make a considerable saving, renting is the only option for many people today. But even renting has its challenges in London, as it’ll have you looking through ads for box rooms or studio flats where you can touch both walls with your arms outstretched.

Living in one of our 13 properties and sharing with others gives you that all-important space, including large common areas, decent-sized kitchens, and even a gym or garden in certain properties. Not to mention that your bills are included in your rent, along with repairs, maintenance and regular cleaning. No more wasting a morning waiting in for the electrician to arrive – everything is taken care of for you.

Co-living creates community

A great advantage of in London is the balance between privacy and social life. You have your own space and you can do your own thing at any time, but you also have the option to never be alone if you don’t want to. Many people who stay at LHA share values, interests and similar lifestyles or professions, or at least jobs facing similar challenges. So you’re not just sharing a space, but your also sharing life experience and building on valuable friendships.

Humans are social animals, so things like living at a vibrant place, making conversation, exercising or watching a movie together can make us happy. Many of our affordable long-stay hostels host events and gatherings for residents to get to know each other. Just have a look at our Instagram to get a flavour of the social element of LHA.

Co-living makes people feel safe

If you’re moving to London for the first time, you’ll likely be mindful of safety. Big cities generally pose a greater risk of crime, but generally, London is a pretty safe city if you navigate with common sense. To ease your worries, living in a space like LHA brings a high level of security: we have staff on the premises 24-hours a day and CCTV cameras as extra precautions. Plus, you will have your fellow residents around too!

These are just some of many reasons why is a great option for young people in London. With 13 properties around central London, from studios to shared dorms, you’re bound to find something to suit your needs without compromising on what’s important.