What Makes London the Ideal Study Destination?

Simply thinking about studying in London can be a thrill! As renowned English writer Samuel Johnson once said, “there is in London all that life can afford,” and “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” It pretty much sums up what life can be like in London – exciting, fulfilling, and nothing short of extraordinary. Truth be told, there are plenty of factors that make London an ideal study destination. It is not so much the experience inside the classroom as it is the experience outside of classroom doors. 

We have gathered a few exciting things that make London the epitome of an ‘ideal study destination’. Keep reading! 

1. London Caters to Everyone’s Taste
London is the city of the whole world – it doesn’t judge, it doesn’t limit itself, and it just keeps offering. Regardless of your set of hobbies and preferences, there will always be something you can do and fully enjoy in London! You fancy yourself a museum wanderer? Just take your pick; London has plenty. You like street art and outdoor activities? The streets of London await, with just what you’re looking for. Visit Hyde Park, Westminster, dwell in the London Eye magic, take a cruise across the Thames, or visit Baker Street (maybe you’ll stumble upon the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes). The list of places to visit can go on and on, but that’s precisely why you should see for yourself.

2. Budget-Friendly Entertainment Opportunities
How can a destination be ideal for students without the added flair of budget-friendliness? Well, London may not be the most affordable city to live in on a student budget, but it can offer pretty nice budget-friendly deals if you’re curious enough to find out. A few free museums you can visit: the British Museum, National Gallery, Museum of London, Natural History Museum, Tate Modern, oh, and the British Library offers free entrance. Besides, student discounts are also a thing in London. So, make sure to use that student status to the fullest! You may find student discounts for clothing items, school supplies, entertainment, food, travel fares, and even accommodation discounts. Stay on the lookout!

P.S. The National Health System (NHS) in the UK also covers students on a visa status! So, remember your health insurance policy in the UK can be a real best friend in times of need.

3. More Than Just Academic Advancement

Academic development is important, especially when you are part of the UK’s higher education system. But, the London experience will give you so much more than academic knowledge. London is a city that broadens your horizons, allows cultural exchange, provides the opportunity to learn with each new corner you visit. You will learn to appreciate new cultures, become independent, manage your time and money, and get out of your comfort zone. Studying abroad can be challenging, but London is highly welcoming to international students, so it will soon enough feel like a true home away from home.

4. Professional Contacts and Networking

One thing about London that you should not underestimate is the vast array of opportunities it provides to create professional contacts and networks. Professional contacts are an integral part of creating a successful career. If you possess the necessary skills and introduce yourself to the right people, who knows what the future may hold. London universities host numerous conferences, fairs, talks, and other events that help students reach the right companies and employers. Universities in London usually also have close links with the industry, which means potential employers might just happen to visit the university.

5. Build International Bridges
Building bridges isn’t strictly a civil engineer’s job. Well, yes, it is. But, if you are not a civil engineer, you may build the metaphorical bridges everyone keeps talking about. There is so much diversity in London. This city is like a melting pot full of different cultures, traditions, dreams, and ambitions. There are almost half a million international students in the UK, and London is among cities that welcome a great majority of these students. So, one of the greatest parts about studying in London is that you can make friends around the whole world – whether it is someone in your class, student accommodation, or someone you meet while grabbing coffee.

6. World-Class Academia
Not many, if any, higher education systems can compare with UK’s higher education system and world-class universities. London universities provide unmatched education standards, which conveniently rank them among the top worldwide universities. Universities in London feature cutting-edge facilities, efficient equipment, innovative teaching methods, and ground-breaking research. Students learn from experts across numerous academic disciplines in universities that have birthed Nobel laureates for years now. Who knows, maybe one day you will be one of them! London is ideal or, as the famous saying goes, “a bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else.”