Did someone say free accommodation? Oh Yes!


Just give us a minimum of 20 hours a week and you can stay with us for free in some truly fantastic shared accommodation!

When volunteering, you’ll not only improve your English and gain valuable training, you’ll also make some amazing friends along the way. Plus, the experience will look great on your CV! It’s a win-win for anyone starting their new London adventure!

Volunteering can be done at any one of our accommodations and many residences come with delicious three course meals included as well. You’ll experience all the same flexible living benefits that our residents do and of course, get the opportunity to make friends and contacts within the LHA community. This deal is just too good to pass up! Make the most out of your stay and volunteer. Help us make LHA the best it can be.

Your duties will include:
Helping at reception and in the kitchen, portering, cleaning*

Please note: we tend to avoid accepting volunteer applications from guests at the same hostel unless there are special circumstances. You must be 18 or over to volunteer with us. We will accept applications with a minimum stay of 6 weeks and a maximum stay of 2 years only.

* Duties vary per site based on the help needed

To Apply: please complete the application form below.