volunteer with us

stay for free, make friends and contribute

Volunteers are a big part of the success of LHA London and we greatly value the contributions they make.

Becoming a volunteer at LHA opens the doors to gain experience and develop new skills whilst giving back to help the charitable aims of LHA.

All volunteers can help make a positive impact on the experience of the young people staying with us, from giving the best possible service upon check-in, to dealing with customer enquiries, to helping the chefs serve delicious meals.

When volunteering, you’ll not only improve your English and gain valuable training, you’ll also make some amazing friends along the way. Plus, the experience will look great on your CV! It’s a win-win for anyone starting their new London adventure!

We recommend you give us a minimum of 20 hours a week to make the most of your volunteering experience and you can then stay with us for free in shared accommodation with other friendly volunteers.

Volunteering can be done at any one of our accommodations where you get the opportunity to make friends and contacts within the LHA community. You’ll experience all the same flexible living benefits that our residents do and you’ll also get your food included.

This deal is just too good to pass up! Make the most out of your stay and volunteer. Help us make LHA the best it can be.

Volunteer Receptionist LHA London

why volunteer with us?

Volunteering with us means you’ll:

• Get fully trained in a key industry skill
• Have the opportunity to be part of a team environment
• Develop your language skills
• Boost your CV & increase your earning potential
• Have the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem whilst experiencing new cultures
• Not to mention you’ll be living in the heart of London

All while giving a little back, which makes you feel great, too!

Volunteer Catering Assistants LHA London

But don’t just take our word for it, hear what our family of volunteers have to say about their experience…

Aizar – Volunteer at Belvedere House
“Belvedere House has become a home that’s full of caring and fun people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. It has given me that sense of community I have always looked for in a living environment. The flexibility of the hours has allowed me to work on my research at Imperial College.”

Volunteering can also provide you with a very successful and lasting career at LHA, many of our hostel managers and head office staff such as Chi started off as volunteers…

Chi – Business Support Manager
“I have been with LHA since 2004, first as a volunteer at Sandeman-Allen House and Friendship House, then as a supervisor at Bowden Court. I was made Assistant Manager of Davies Court, where I worked from 2010 – 2016, before being appointed Manager of Torquay House. I was promoted into a position at Head Office as Residential Services Manager in June 2018. The opportunities and training that LHA have provided me have helped my career progress immensely.”