Uni Essentials: What to Take With You

Starting university is an exciting event on its own. However, organising your belongings and deciding what to take can make the process much more overwhelming.

According to the most recent data, there were 2.66 million university students in the UK from 2020 to 2021. You can only imagine how many of them were stressed by the idea of packing all the necessities for student life!

From packing bed linens to first aid kits and washing powder, continue reading this article as we share with you what to take with you and what to leave behind. Plus, we’ll guide you to the best student accommodation services in London, so stay tuned.

First Things First: Make a Checklist

Making a checklist of the university essentials will help you pack like a pro. 

If you’re studying in London and have no place to stay, browse for student accommodation in London and sorting out this matter before arrival. After that, it’s time to bring out your suitcase!

Outlining a checklist of the things to take to university will help you organise your thoughts and stay focused on the items that matter the most.

You might want to divide the checklist into categories like documents, kitchen items, electrical gadgets, clothes, stationary, and miscellaneous — it will help you stay on track with what’s important.

Uni-Important Documents

Documents are the most important things to take to uni. 

You’ll want to take with you the following:

  • Your ID and driver’s license;
  • A valid passport;
  • Insurance documents;
  • University acceptance letter;
  • Vaccination history;
  • Copies of prescriptions;
  • Accommodation contract;
  • Scholarship letters (if any);
  • Debit cards.

Kitchen Items

Although many student accommodation in London will have a complete set of cutlery and dinnerware available, you still might want to consider packing your own spoons and knives, among some other kitchen essentials like:

  • A corkscrew and a bottle opener;
  • A tin opener;
  • A vegetable peeler, a grater, a ladle, and a spatula;
  • Tin foil;
  • Bin bags.

Electronic Gadgets

Electronic Gadgets

Packing your electronic gadgets is a breeze if you stick to the bare essentials of the things to take to uni, like:

  • A laptop;
  • A smartphone;
  • A USB;
  • A power-extension cord;
  • Headphones;
  • Batteries;
  • Device chargers.


You might not be able to resist packing your favourite evening dress, but remember to take the basics with you, too. Also, a business-ready ensemble might be a good idea if you intend to apply for jobs while at uni.

Make sure to make space in your suitcase for the following:

  • T-shirts;
  • Trousers;
  • Formal shoes or a pair of heels;
  • Jumpers;
  • Skirts;
  • Handbags;
  • Totes;
  • Raincoats;
  • Slippers;
  • Pyjamas;
  • Winter coat.

Stationary and Miscellaneous Items

This part of your uni-ready gear will be the one that you’ll get the most use out of: 

  • Pens and pencils;
  • Highlighters;
  • A4 or A5 writing pads;
  • Paper clips, a stapler, and packs of staples;
  • Storage folders;
  • Scissors;
  • Post-its;
  • Tape;
  • Ring-binders;
  • A bottle of white out.

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