Top 10 tips to become a true Londoner

So, you’ve made the move to London, now you just need to follow our top tips on how to become a true Londoner. Don’t worry, we’ll have you feeling like a local in no time!

1. Mind your manners

Good manners are a big part of British culture. Saying “please and “thank you” will go a long way. If something unfortunate has happened, or you bump into somebody in the street, always apologise! Good manners cost nothing after all.

2. Get in line

The British love an orderly queue. Buying something in a shop? Getting on a tube or bus? Yep, you’ve guessed it, you should queue! And unless you want to receive some very disapproving looks or potentially a telling off, never jump ahead of the line. It’s just the unspoken rule.

Also, when boarding a tube or train, wait for people to get off before you get on.

3. Escalators

Always stand on the right side of the escalators in London, the left side is for people who want to walk up/down the escalators. If you are standing still, the right side is for you.

4. Find your local pub

Every Londoner needs a local pub, right? So, grab your friends, find your nearest pubs and check them out. London has a huge number of pubs, they range from historic and traditional to more modern, and most do a great Sunday roast! In most pubs you will have to order at the bar, they are not usually table service, therefore no tipping is required.

5. Traditional food

There’s nothing more British than a traditional Sunday roast dinner or fish and chips. So, we suggest trying both whilst you are in London! A Sunday roast dinner typically consists of a choice of roast meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb) with all the trimmings such as roast potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and plenty of gravy. Whilst fish and chips speaks for itself really – battered fish, chip-shop chips and maybe even a side of mushy peas. And if you fancy some other British dishes why not try some pie and mash or a full English breakfast?

6. Learn the lingo

Now although people may think that Londoners talk in Cockney rhyming slang, most people in London would look at you with bemusement if you started doing so. Just speak normally. Although there are a few variations in words that you may want to look up, for example: cell phone = mobile phone, the restroom = toilet/bathroom, the subway = the underground and the elevator = the lift.

7. Get an oyster card

If you are getting the tube or bus around London, then a prepaid Oyster card is easier and cheaper than buying tickets. Or if you have a UK bank card you can tap in and out of the barriers for the same rates. Always get this ready before getting to the barriers as London transport is very busy and fast-moving and you wouldn’t want to hold up the queue!

8. Check the weather

In London (and the UK in general) the weather can change drastically in a short space of time. Always check the weather before you go out for the day as although it can look lovely in the morning, it could be torrential rain by the afternoon!

9. Try to walk

Most people who have lived in London a while realise that the best way to actually see London is by foot. A lot of London’s underground stations are very close together, particularly in Central London. It’s always worth checking how close you are to your destination as often it is quicker to walk, especially if you have to change tube lines.

10. Conversing in public

Even though London is extremely busy, you may notice that places such as the Underground are not actually that loud. It is not the done thing to speak extremely loudly on public transport (tubes, trains, buses). This can also apply to certain restaurants and visitor attractions. Londoners are not particularly loud people so always try and lower your voice when inside certain places.

Follow our top tips and you’ll be feeling like a Londoner in no time! If you are moving to London or have just moved to London and need somewhere to start your adventure, take a look at LHA London’s accommodation. With 13 hostels across central London, low deposits of just £200/£300 and only 7 days notice needed to leave, LHA London is the perfect place to start your London journey without the huge commitment.

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