The Great Escape Back to London

With university closures, the shift to remote working, job losses and furloughs – the current pandemic has meant thousands of young people were forced to leave London last year to return to their parental home.

Although lots of young people moved home out of choice to enjoy lockdown in a bigger house, with outdoor space and with their families, many have since lost their jobs and now find themselves trying to find new roles in a challenging market.

Around 3.5 million single young adults in the UK are estimated to live with their parents (an increase of a third over the past decade) and a trend that is likely to accelerate as the economic and social impact of the coronavirus pandemic deepens.

Whilst the thought of returning to the big city may feel daunting and expensive, an increasing number of young adults are now opting for volunteering roles as a viable route back into London and pick up where they left off – especially those working in theatre, the arts and hospitality.

Take, for example, volunteering at LHA London which is a huge part of its success and ‘giving back’. The contribution of volunteers allows LHA London to keep its accommodation affordable – whatever a person’s chosen career or education path in the Capital. Furthermore, it enables the organisation to work with a range of other partner charities who specialise in providing support to young people experiencing homelessness.

As well as getting free shared accommodation and full board, volunteers at each of LHA’s 14 London hostels assist with the day to day running of operations. This can include anything from lending a hand front of house and dealing with guest enquires to supporting the housekeeping and maintenance teams.

For many of LHA London volunteers, the experience has enabled them to immerse themselves into a new culture, helped improve their language skills or enabled them to start their studies or a new job – with many saying it was one of the best decisions they ever made.

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With renewed hope following the announcement of a road map back to the new normal there is no doubt young people will be looking to find a fast route back to the capital where history tells us the shoots of recovery will sprout fastest. As well as the example of volunteering opportunities LHA provides flexible, cost effective routes to accommodation in the capital. Through it’s range of Get Back offers and a booking guarantee would there be any bumps in the road LHA is determined to do all it can to support young people as London seeks to get back to where it once belonged.

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