Room to Share

There’s no denying that we live in a world of sharing – whether it’s sharing social media posts and content, food, advice, knowledge, money, or friends – you name it – we share it.

When it comes to moving to a new city for the first time, many of us choose to share accommodation or a room. Not only is it a cheaper, more affordable option (especially in cities such as London), it’s also a great way of meeting new friends and learning about a multitude of new cultures. What’s also surprising is that when you intermingle with new people from across the world and discuss your own culture, you soon realise things about yourself that you’d never even thought of! It’s these types of relationships that can last for decades – and these people become friends for life.

Having a roommate (or two) is also reassuring – knowing that you are not alone in a big city, that there is someone who you can talk to, confide in, and support you if need be. Think of it as your ‘out of town’ family.

As UK government Covid-19 guidelines now permit room sharing, more and more people are choosing this option as they begin a new chapter in their life – moving to vibrant new cities for work or study. So, remember beyond the sharing of pans, plates, tin openers, and milk – room sharing should be embraced – with memories and friends which can last a lifetime.