Meet the Volunteers – Iberia

Name: Iberia

Age: 27

Country of Origin: Spain

Volunteer at Torquay House (Royal Oak)

What brought you to London?

London is a very lively and cosmopolitan city – full of things to do and see. I have always loved this city and decided to come here to have a new experience in my life, explore a new culture and improve my English – which is almost the universal language!

How long have you been living here?

Just one year.

How did you hear about LHA and volunteering?

Through a friend.

Describe a typical ‘day in the life of a volunteer’ at LHA?

A typical day at LHA London involves four hours of duties in the morning. Afterwards, I prepare food and watch a TV series.

At 3.30pm, I connect to the online English Lesson and study on my own. Around 6.30pm, I go to the gym or for a walk and then pick up dinner at Sandeman (I love lasagna on Thursday’s). Then, it’s dinner – chatting with my colleagues and… that’s it! Now, with the pandemic, everything is a little different – especially with social distancing measures. Even though, it’s still a great experience.

What do you like best about being a volunteer?

Being part of a community. Eventually, you develop a sense of belonging.

What has it taught you / experience gained?

I’ve learnt new skills and gained new experiences such as how to become independent in another country and in a professional environment.

Any funny stories?

Lots 😊

What’s your London secret (best place to go/visit)?

There are many wonderful places in London. Some of them are very popular but the more you walk around the city, you find more new charming places that you didn’t know existed. It´s amazing! However, if I had to choose, the best place for me is Covent Garden.

Advice you’d give to any young person thinking of coming to London to work or study and volunteer at LHA?

It´s a great experience and you will live in the heart of London. So, my advice is if you are thinking about coming here but you are unsure, have the courage and just do it. It will be great.

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