Meet the Residents! – Melissa, Belvedere House

Do you have lots of questions about making the move to London? Not sure where to start? Wondering what your fellow residents would be like at LHA London? Or perhaps you’re just worried about finding cheap accommodation in London? Moving to a new place can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. We caught up with some of our residents to give you an insight on living with LHA London.

Melissa, Belvedere House resident, LHA London cheap accommodation

Here at LHA, we are all about providing students and young professionals affordable accommodation in London so that they can live their best lives. Gone are the days where you had no option but to live at home, we will provide you a home away from home where you can still live independently and have fun too.

But don’t just take out word for it, let’s hear it from our residents themselves. We had a chat with a resident of Belvedere House, Melissa, and talked all about her time in London and living with LHA.

Hi Melissa! What has brought you to London?

“I came to London to improve my English.  It’s the time I came to London to stay and settle.  I was in London a few times on short visits before and I thought I’d like to live in this big city.   I am from Mallorca.   But I find the winter in Mallorca is very dull.   It’s a very touristy island geared mostly for summer tourism so it’s rather too quiet in winter that’s why I like the buzz of London.”

How long does it take you to get to work?

“It takes about 10-15 mins by tube but when I feel like walking I can easily reach my work place within 40 mins and it is a lovely walk which I do mostly within Hyde Park.  But in the evening on the way back I don’t walk so much if I am tired but catch the bus or the tube as the transport links are very convenient. “

What are the advantages of living in South Kensington?

“More time for myself and my boyfriend. It’s a very safe place and I feel comfortable in the area and in the hostel. As for going out, I am near to everything including shopping places and places to eat and above all very close to the parks and the museums which I like to visit almost every week and whenever I have a bit of spare time.”

What do you like about staying with us at Belvedere House?

“Other than the location, I like to be in a self-catered accommodation which allows me a lot of freedom with my mealtimes. Also the fact you can always find someone to have a little chat with or share a meal with.  I can sometimes cook ‘pamboli’ which is a typical dish from Mallorca.   Self-catered kitchens let me do my cooking and it makes me feel closer to home. I also appreciate the quality of the cleaning “

Would you recommend LHA London to someone wanting to live in London?

“Yes I would, in particular because when you arrive here and you are on your own, you can meet and befriend a lot of people in the hostel which makes it much easier when you first arrive.”

There are many reasons why staying with LHA is a no brainer. With 13 budget long-term accommodations all within Central London Zones 1 and 2, you have easy access to all that the city has to offer. And don’t forget, if you’re between 18-29 years old, you can save up to 25% off your stay with our LHA Rewards loyalty scheme. Check out our 13 properties.