LHA Friendships: Eva & Noemi

Friendships at LHA London Cheap Accommodation London

It can be tough moving to a new city, but with LHA London’s shared accommodation, lounges and workspaces, you’re sure to make friends and settle in quickly. We spoke to our residents Eva and Noemi who both moved to an LHA hostel alone, but have become the best of friends!

Eva tells us…

I am an Italian exchange student at UCL here in London. I first arrived here at Holland House in September and I had planned to spend just 3 months, but then I decided that it would be better to extend my period here because I really liked London life.

I came here alone and after just one week, I started sharing my room with a Spanish girl. Then I met Noemi when she arrived in November, and we soon realised that we really enjoyed spending time together.

We had the chance to visit many places in London and we’ve had great fun discovering the city together. Even though, at first I thought that having the same language could prevent from speaking English, we both agreed to avoid using our native language. Moreover, as we live close in Italy, we planned to visit each other when we will be back this summer.

Let’s hear from Noemi…

I am a 25-year-old girl from Italy. After graduating in Management in October, I decided to come to London to improve my linguistic skills. At first I was supposed to stay here just until Christmas because I was following an English course, but then I changed my mind because I really liked living in London.

When I first arrived at the LHA hostel I didn’t know anybody, but then it turned out to be easy to make friends. I met Eva on the night of my arrival and we didn’t know each other before. Even though we didn’t share the same room, the common spaces such as the dining room made it possible to spend a lot of time together.

I also made many new friends here in Holland House and I think we can really consider ourselves a family. In addition to that, I feel that my relationship with Eva has something more special and we were lucky that when we came back from holidays we had the opportunity to share the same bedroom. Moreover, we found out that we have a lot of things in common, so we had many exciting experiences in the past months in London and I hope we will have some more unforgettable memories together. 

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