LHA Does Volunteers’ Week

In honour of Volunteers’ Week, a national celebration of the fantastic work of volunteers across the country, we thought we would take the opportunity to say thank you to our own volunteers here at LHA. With our Volunteer Program, we give young people in London the chance to live and eat with us free of charge, in exchange for as little as 20 hours of work a week.

Our volunteers’ play a big part in keeping LHA running – their duties vary from helping on reception, kitchen, cleaning and portering. And on top of free room and board, they also have access to everything our paying residents do, including super-fast WiFi and gyms! Some volunteer with us just while they’re studying, some to gain work experience, and others even stay on and get promoted to supervisors and managers! Each volunteer’s experience is unique, which is why we thought we would let them speak for themselves…

Diana – Volunteer at New Mansion House

“You can meet people from different nationalities, in a friendly environment. Also, you are near the tourist spots and the transport links are great. Whilst I have been a volunteer I have bonded with my colleagues and made friends.”

Rondene – Volunteer at Torquay House

“Being a volunteer receptionist has been incredible so far! I have been given a lot of guidance and support from the staff who work here. It is a pleasure to volunteer here and at any given opportunity I let it be known. I would highly recommend it to anyone as I know they would enjoy their time here.”

Ramon – Volunteer at Sandeman-Allen House

“I was a bit nervous when I arrived in London for the first time, but now, I am living everyday with happiness and enjoying every moment of my life with my Sandeman-Allen family in London.”

Aizar – Volunteer at Belvedere House

“Belvedere House has become a home that’s full of caring and fun people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. It has given me that sense of community I have always looked for in a living environment. The flexibility of the hours has allowed me to work on my research at Imperial College.”

Chi – Business Support Manager

“I have worked for LHA since 2004, first as a volunteer at Sandeman-Allen House and Friendship House, then as a supervisor at Bowden Court. I was made Assistant Manager of Davies Court, where I worked from 2010 – 2016, before being appointed Manager of Torquay House. I have been working as LHA’s Business Support Manager on a full-time basis since June 2018.

I take pride in making people happy and relaxed. I’m very happy when people that have worked under me go on to achieve great things within the company and are promoted for their hard work. Any day I resolve an issue for staff or residents is a good day at the office and that makes me really happy.”

We have loved taking part in Volunteers’ Week to celebrate the fantastic work our volunteers contribute to LHA London. Volunteers are crucial to our success and are instrumental in keeping things running smoothly. As well as helping our hostels with their daily tasks, many of our volunteers also help organise events and social functions for our residents, keeping the spirit of #LHAFamily alive. We are so grateful for the time and dedication our volunteers show us during their time working with us, and we cannot thank them enough.

All 13 of hostels are located within Zones 1 and 2, meaning that our volunteers get to live and work in some amazing central locations. Close by to major landmarks, universities and museums, volunteering with us gives you a full taste of the London experience, for a fraction of the price. If you would like to volunteer with us, fill out the enquiry form today.