How to have a smooth room share experience

Living in shared accommodation in London doesn't have to be hard with these easy tips

Room sharing can be an interesting experience, especially if you aren’t used to it. But sharing a room doesn’t need to be awkward, and here at LHA London, a lot of roommates end up being friends for life! But even when living with friends, conflict can still happen sometimes. Check out our top 5 tips on how to have a smooth room share experience during your stay in London.

Set some ground rules from the start

Need a clean space at all times? Hate it when someone hits the ‘snooze’ button six times before getting up in the morning? Don’t like having certain foods in your room? Can’t be spoken to before your morning coffee? Make sure you have a conversation with your roommate about your baseline needs, so you can both create ‘house rules’ to stop from stepping on each other’s toes.

Pre-agree your storage space

You need to ensure that you and roommates are all on the same page when it comes to who is using what wardrobe or cupboard. Be sure not to take over any of your roommate’s space, and if you do find that you have some unavoidable overspill, talk to them first about sharing more of the storage space, if needed.

Be open to new things

At LHA, we have people come stay with us from all over the world. This means that you end up encountering people with different experiences, religions and lifestyles. These may be different from your own, and you may face certain behaviours that clash with how you do things. It’s important to stay open and adaptable to change and compromise, so that everyone has a comfortable living experience.

Don’t forget to communicate

Communication is key in all relationships, but especially when you are living in shared accommodation with someone. Make sure you are regularly communicating with your roommate, listen to them if they have any concerns, and share any of your own worries in a respectful way. And don’t take any constructive criticism to heart. Staying open and receptive ensures that nothing is bubbling under the surface, meaning that big arguments can be avoided.

Don’t be afraid of down time

Don’t feel the need to fill every moment with conversation. While it’s good to be friends with your roommates and get along well, it’s also good to be comfortable in silent moments. Some of the best markers of any friendship is knowing how to be quiet in the company of one another. Sometimes it’s needed!

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