What to Know Before Applying for Student Accommodations

Entering university is the start of a new chapter in your life. To make the transition easier, it helps to have suitable accommodation. Choosing the right student accommodation in London will depend on your preference to live on or off campus, at university or in private residence halls. 

In 2021, over 30,000  purpose-built student bedrooms were done in the UK. These new additions increased the total purpose-built student bed spaces to 700,000. With so many bed spaces to choose from, it pays to do thorough research and planning in advance.

Things to Consider in Advance

Knowing what to look for in accommodation involves reviewing several factors. Start with the cost, location, and facilities, and work your way forward.


The further away from the centre and the campus, the cheaper the accommodation will be. Still, you wouldn’t want to live too far. Check transportation connections and closeness to campus before making a final decision.


Room rates depend on the size and type of the place and its location. So start by reviewing your budget to see what you can afford. Note that you won’t be paying for the summer holidays, so figure out what you can fit into the budget.


Consider whether you can live in a place where you’ll be sharing a bathroom, kitchen, or other joint areas. Do you need the flexibility of self-catered accommodation, or are you leaning towards having breakfast and dinner taken care of? 

Check the Premises in Advance

If possible, go ahead and check the place in person or take a virtual tour. Find online reviews and look through photos to see if the room meets your standards. There is a high possibility the place will not check all your boxes, so think about what you are willing to compromise. 

Deposits are required to cover any damages or other expenses caused by you. The deposit will be refunded if everything is in order by the end of your contract. 

When to Apply for Accommodation

man checking into a hostel

The application varies based on the type of accommodation you are seeking. Private or university residence halls have different application schedules. If you are applying for private residence halls, start early in the year of your studies. High-quality accommodation and reasonable prices are available to those who take care of things earlier. 

The chosen university manages the university halls of residence; therefore, you’ll need to check their website for detailed information and application instructions. In most cases, the opening period varies and may be anytime between November to May. July is usually the deadline for application.

Selection of Students

The accommodation and selection process differs between universities. In some universities, the rooms are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis, while others have a different approach. 

Other universities will evaluate all timely submitted applications and try to be unprejudiced. A thorough assessment is done to ensure that medical conditions or disabilities are considered and prioritized. Be sure to stress these special requirements in your application. 

Safe and Quality Student Accommodation in London

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