LHA has a strong history of welcoming international residents and staff to the UK, and they are an integral part of our international community.

We ask that residents and staff work together to keep one another safe.

To view our full COVID-19 SECURE risk assessment click here.

1. Planning to visit or stay with us
We’re open and accepting new bookings for long term stays* We’ve remained open throughout the pandemic and been able to adapt our processes as guidance has changed. We’re really pleased all our residents and staff have remained safe and well but at the same time, we are not complacent about the continued risk. We ask that all new residents traveling from overseas make themselves aware of the requirement to provide information prior to their arrival into the UK and notify us in advance if they believe they will be required to quarantine. Click here to find out more We are able to provide the necessary arrangements and support for arrivals required to quarantine at most of our properties. We ask that all residents and visitors respect the mandatory use of face coverings when using public transport. Click here to find out more Wherever possible we are asking that non-emergency contractor visits are scheduled for after 11am so as to reduce rush hour travel. All our new residents, visitors and contractors are directed to this page before they arrive so they know what to expect. Ahead of your visit or stay you’ll have been sent a digital registration form which we ask is completed and returned ahead of arrival in order manage the check in process.

*We have limited availability for short term stays (less than 14 nights) in our studio and en-suite rooms only

2. What to expect on arrival
Where it is safe and secure to do so you’ll find our entrances open. Where we are still using intercom entry be reassured this is sanitised after every arrival and once you’re checked in you’ll have contactless entry with either you’re electronic room key or separate fob. You’ll find hand sanitiser at the reception and be asked to use it if you happen to forget. We’ll ask you a set of important questions and log your answers in our computer system
  1. Where have you travelled from today?
  2. Have you been overseas in the last 10 days?
  3. Have you or anyone in your household been symptomatic of COVID-19 in the last 10 days?
You’ll be asked to take your temperature using a digital thermometer, the thermometer will be sanitised before and after every use. For new residents we’ll still need to take a copy of your ID and staff will wear disposable gloves to do this. All of our sites are cashless so you’ll need to be able to make payment by credit or debit card. We’ll complete a site awareness induction with you, where we’ll explain the key measures in place to keep you and others safe
3. Whilst living with / visiting us
You’ll find a number of important changes to the way our buildings are set up. We ask that all residents and visitors follow the guidance given and respect the social distancing measures in place. We have increased the frequency of our cleaning and we’re paying particular attention to high traffic areas. All our housekeepers are employed by us or are part of our volunteer programme so we’re able to train them directly on our hygiene practices. We ask that all individuals using our buildings practice good hand hygiene and we’ll explain where hand sanitiser and hand wash points are located. The use of face coverings in corridors and other shared spaces is mandratory in our buildings. In our self catered sites we ask that residents only use their allocated kitchen. At our catered sites we’re operating a take away service so residents, if they wish to, can take meals to their rooms. Some of our sites have shared shower facilities so we have allocated residents to specific showers and ask that they respect their allocation, we have housekeepers available to clean showers between use at peak times and our new arrivals are allocated a shower just for them for the first 10 days of their stay. If residents need to contact the onsite team we ask that as much as possible communication is either by phone or email. Where maintenance issues arise you can report non-emergency issues through our online portal by clicking here. We are committed to maintaining high standards and so still need to enter resident bedrooms from time to time for cleaning and to resolve maintenance issues, wherever possible we will advise residents in advance and ask that the room is vacated whilst we complete the work. For more information on the resident code of conduct please click here

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