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Co-living teaches millennials the value of creating experiences

Did you ever, as a child, dream of living with your friends?   In your dream, you live in a home with 32 rooms with one large dining area. You and your friends will all eat dinner together so that suddenly, washing the dishes isn’t such a chore because you have all this dynamic tangle of friends and family to help you. Today’s living spaces bring those childhood dreams to

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Bringing life to rooms at Halpin House

Is this a postcard sent from Kew Gardens?   Not quite, these are some of the rooms that residents at Halpin House have made into their home from home; turning shared spaces into communal living at it’s best. At Halpin House, the team are always encouraging residents who typically stay 1-6 months whilst studying, working locally or completing an internship to put a touch of green in their living space. There have

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Free museums in London to experience culture and history

Museums preserve our history and culture in a way that few other mediums can… From interactive presentations, to the display of authentic relics from the past, museums give us a glimpse into past lives and how we became who we are today. You do not need a lot of money to explore the best museums in London — many of them are absolutely free! Whether you are a student or

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