Careers at LHA London

what is it like to work at LHA?

Over 35% of our staff have been with us for 10+ years which speaks volumes. We believe a good work/life balance is essential for our employees and this is reflected in our hours. Our open culture means that no matter what your level or department, you are encouraged to share your ideas and the best ones are implemented and rewarded.  

Our staff come from 15 countries around the world, giving us a really diverse pool of talent.  But we are tight-knit as one team, sharing our skills, knowledge and experience and supporting each other along the way.  We apply our passion for hospitality to our staff as well as our guests so you’ll be sure to feel right at home very quickly.

With our current period of exciting change, we need to be creative and problem-solve in a fast-moving environment, helping to support the company at a time of unprecedented growth.