What to expect when living in a self-catering accommodation

Affordable accommodation that makes you feel at home gives you a sense of security and comfort when you’re living and working away from loved ones.

If you are staying in London, you have a wide choice of accommodation, from hotels and hostels to houses and flat-shares. If you opt to live in self-catering accommodation, here are a few things you can expect:

Some Facilities are Provided

If you have an image of an empty apartment and are already packing all your home appliances and furnishings, slow down. Most self-catering accommodation will provide kitchen appliances and bedding unless otherwise advised. You may want to bring your own blankets, sheets and toiletries, however, especially if you are planning a long-term stay.

You Have to Do the Cooking and Cleaning Yourself

Unlike hotels, where room service and meals come with the package, when you are in self-catering accommodation, as the name suggests, you have to take care of cooking, cleaning and laundry yourself. If you like the idea of living independently, self-catering accommodation could be just what you are looking for. For those who prefer a more pampered life, it is often possible to pay for extra services, but perhaps you would be happier in a hotel from the outset.

You Will Share Resources

Get ready to share your things with roommates and other guests. The most affordable way to stay in self-catering accommodation is to share a room. Even if you have your own room, you will probably have to share a kitchen. Be prepared for this and before you begin your stay, sort out which of your things you will share with others, and which you prefer to keep for your own use.

LHA London offers a wide range of accommodation for students and young professionals. Whether you are looking for self-catering accommodation, or something that is like a hotel, we will have a place that suits you. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more.