My intern experience with LHA London

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I am a politics student at The University of Sheffield, going into my third year. I started my internship at LHA London in summer 2017.

Due to my role, as ‘marketing assistant’, my job roles involved; working on social media projects, writing a blog and producing sales reports. Alongside this, I managed daily website updates, and the company Live Chat.

I secured this internship through a Sheffield ex-alumni networking event in London during Easter. After repeatedly ignoring the several emails I had received about this opportunity, I finally decided to have a read of what I was being advertised. I had to apply and explain why I felt that I should be accepted a place. The networking event was as daunting as I had imagined, but it was also incredibly beneficial. Myself and the other second year social science students were brought into a room full of previous Sheffield alumni, who were all there to tell us their experiences of working in London, and the job opportunities out there. Nearly all of us had never had any previous experience in networking, and we were very much thrown into the deep end, being completely overwhelmed by a room full of incredibly successful ex-Sheffield students. After speaking to a few people about their career paths and about my own potential path, before long I was having a lengthy conversation with an ex-alumnus who offered his advice on my CV. I took him up on his offer through email a few days after, to which he mentioned that he had spoken to the CEO of LHA London Ltd at an AGM about me, and that I could take up the offer of a short internship in London with the company.

I deliberated over this for a few days. It meant moving to London completely on my own, and stepping completely out of my comfort zone. It also meant cancelling some of my other summer plans, such as a few festivals. Now, after finishing my internship with LHA London Ltd , I couldn’t be more pleased with myself to have accepted it. I have been told that the enjoyably lengthy summer holidays in between university years should be some of the most cherished times of your life. It means all the time in the world to do completely everything (travel, work, go to festivals, apply for internships), or do to completely nothing. I can see now, more than ever, how important it is to make valuable use of this vast amount of time.

From this internship with LHA London Ltd, I have gained knowledge of the working world simply not learnt during time at University. I have gained many great skills which I can add to my CV. I have gained a clear understanding of Excel, a tool I have not used since year 10 ICT, but which is crucial all company’s and businesses. I wrote a blog post for the company, created a template for the Newsletter, and learnt a lot about marketing. Whilst I already did have the skill of addressing members of the public (from my previous waitressing job), I have learnt also how to deal with potential clients and even other colleagues. Along with this, I received clear and incredibly useful advice on how to improve my CV (something which I haven’t had beneficial help with since my GCSE years).

However, truthfully the most important thing I have gained from this internship with LHA London Ltd is confidence. Confidence in myself that I can bring to a company in order to best apply myself in the future roles I take in my career. I also gained confidence from completely stepping out of my comfort zone and moving to and commuting around the city, a place of complete contrast to the Northern, farming town near Sheffield where I live.

I am aware that I was incredibly lucky to be given this opportunity with LHA London Ltd; all my other friends who secured an internship in London at the same time as me had to endure nerve-wracking interviews and application processes. However, if I hadn’t bothered to read the messages which my university were so-helpfully sending to me, my summer would have looked extremely different. My advice is simple, take the plunge and apply! Whether that be applying to internships you have seen advertised, moving to an unknown city, or actually replying to the (sometimes annoying) emails your university spams you with.