LHA London Resident Returns

Mr Kang visited Belvedere House a few weeks ago after 20 years since he was a resident of the self-catered accommodation in South Kensington.


He recognised the manager, from his time at Belvedere House two decades on and sent us the following:

“First of all, I appreciate your staffs’ kindness while I was staying there. I guess it’s same in 20 years. Also that is a special memory that I met you again in 20 years. When I came to London firstly in 1997, most of things were unusual to me, but Belvedere made me comfortable, and gave me many nice friends from all over the world. When I came again last week, I felt I was staying in 1997.

I can’t feel any difference in mind, and seems I stayed for 20 years. Even, Mario is still here! I’m not sure I visit England later, but I’m sure I come to Belvedere if I come to London again.

I love London, I love Belvedere house.”

If you are a past resident, volunteer or employee who would like to get in touch and discuss your time at LHA London and life since we’d love to hear from you. Please get in contact via email to customerservices@lhalondon.com