Benefits of Getting a Private Hostel Room

The cost of accommodation in a major city like London can be prohibitive, especially for working students and budget-conscious travellers. The average overnight rate within the city ranges from £138 – £163. For this reason, many opt for more affordable options, with hostels being among the most popular.

London hostels with private rooms are an ideal option for those who want privacy but also appreciate the opportunity to meet new people. They’re also more affordable than hotel rooms. Additionally, private rooms in hostels offer numerous advantages that can help enrich your stay.

Meet different people

As spaces, hostels typically have common areas shared by all renters. These could be a gym, a lounge, a garden or some other place where those staying in the hostel can meet like-minded people or other students.

Spending time in a hostel provides you with opportunities to form relationships and bonds even in a place far from home. If you’ve never been in London before, meeting other travellers or students and hearing about their experiences can be incredibly beneficial as you make your own way around the city.

Fewer costs

It’s generally known that hostels cost less than hotels, but students might be surprised just by how much. Apart from having lower prices per bed, hostels often include Wi-Fi, utilities and content insurance in the total cost of a stay. If you want to save on accommodation, hostels are a much better option than hotels.

Also, some hostels provide access to shared kitchens so you can prepare your own food. You won’t have to spend so much on takeaway and dining out.

man at a hostel in the city

Accommodation in the city

The typical trend among other accommodation types is the closer they are to the city’s central areas, the more expensive they become. Therefore, most people seeking more affordable places have to opt to stay in places further away from famous sights, destinations, schools and workplaces.

On the other hand, hostels are often right within the city while still being accessibly priced. Travellers and students won’t have to overspend to hire a room whether for short- or long-term stays, and they can also save money on travel costs if they choose a hostel near transportation hubs.

Friendly atmospheres

Because hostels are best known for their culture, people are friendlier. When you rent a private room in a hostel, you get access to common areas where tenants can get to know each other. Staying in a hostel provides opportunities to engage and interact with one another, as it’s in everyone’s best interest to stay friendly and cooperative.

There’s often a significant cultural diversity among the lodgers at the hostel, especially in properties full of international students. Not only will you learn more about other cultures, but you may even start to pick up a few languages.

Excellent services at affordable prices

Hostels are typically heavily competitive with one another. For this reason, the best hostels aim to provide excellent services and amenities. For instance, at LHA London’s hostels with private rooms, there are often community events such as movie nights and karaoke. They have a much friendlier and warmer atmosphere than hotels, helping you feel at home.

LHA London provides affordable accommodation in London. Travellers, interns, young professionals and students experience safety, security and a sense of community at our properties.  Contact us today to enquire about rooms or read about our properties.