3 Things for International Students to Consider When Looking for Accommodation

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Living conditions have a large impact on the overall university experience of any student. For international students, settling into a new country and living in a different culture, finding safe and decent accommodation can be the decider between staying and leaving.

Students who choose to live off campus are usually faced with more challenges in finding a suitable place to live. Fortunately, many UK cities like London have a variety of options available for international students looking for accommodation.

Here are a few things to remember:

Check your finances

Your ability to pay for monthly rent is probably the major consideration when looking for a place to stay. Apartment prices vary depending on their proximity to the university. City apartments tend to be more expensive compared to those situated in the suburbs, with rent in rural areas the cheapest.

Set yourself a budget, including rent and basic living expenses. Also check what is included in the rent cost. What happens when damage occurs through wear and tear and who pays the bills? Water and electric bills are not usually included in the monthly rent so plan a budget to include these and other hidden expenses.  

Consider the location

Find out what facilities are nearby so you can be sure you never have to travel far. For example, how far is the nearest supermarket for weekly groceries and is a convenience store around the corner for items like milk, bread or band aids. If the accommodation is in a noisy area, can you study at a nearby coffee shop with Wi-Fi, or a local library? For leisure, can you join a gym that’s close-by, find somewhere for yoga sessions or enjoy a chat with your friends at the local pub? Finally, think about public transport links to the university, entertainment venues and other transport hubs.

Setting up your apartment

Homesickness affects many international students. Once you have unpacked, add personal touches to your apartment to make it feel like home. Make your apartment a place where you can unwind instead of just a place where you eat, sleep and occasionally stay in. This way, you will find your stay much more bearable.

If you can afford new items for your dwellings, consider buying equipment that makes student life easier. Most apartments are furnished, but may lack kitchen items, be short of furniture and storage containers or lack somewhere to hang clothes to dry.

Affordable accommodations for you

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