What is a Hostel?

What is a Hostel?

If you’re a young person relocating to London and you’re seeking affordable accommodation then you’ve probably come across the term ‘hostel’. Despite how similar the words are, hostels aren’t just budget hotels but they are as popular and more permanent.

So this begs the question: What is a hostel and how can it work for me as a young person living in London? As a leading provider of charity-run hostels in the big city, LHA London knows everything there is to know about this affordable accommodation and exactly what it can offer you as you navigate your way through the greatest years of your life.

What is a hostel?

What is a Student Hostel?

Hostels are a form of basic temporary housing that offers shared accommodation for a lower price than a standard rented room. Most hostels give residents access to shared common areas like a kitchen, bathroom, lounge and utilities.

There are generally considered to be 2 types of hostels:

  1. Traveller hostels

This type of hostel provides a place to sleep for travellers and backpackers overnight. These act more like hotels than traditional hostels and are more affordable. They are known for their warm and welcoming atmosphere, where you can meet like-minded travellers and make connections on your route.

  1. Youth hostels

Youth hostels are typically run by charities. They are designed to be used by students and young people who can’t afford university funded student accommodation or other ways of living.

LHA London offers 13 hostels across London providing students with the opportunity to live out their dreams in one of the world’s greatest cities, without breaking the budget.

What does a hostel look like?

Hostels are incredibly varied in looks. This can depend on several factors including where the hostel is located and who owns it. There is no set appearance, and the most important factor in searching for a hostel is not the way it looks but how well it suits your needs.

What is the difference between a hostel and a hotel?

One of the most notable differences between a hotel and a hostel is the price. Hostels provide much cheaper accommodation than hotels, and you will pay on a weekly/monthly basis rather than per night.

Where you are likely to get private accommodation at a hotel, hostels are a shared alternative. When you stay at a hostel, however, you will likely share your room with a roommate and have shared amenities like common areas and bathrooms. Hostels also tend to be self-catering so you will need to buy and cook your own food as opposed to hotels where there is an on-site restaurant.

Advantages of staying in a hostel

Advantages of staying in a hostel

  1. Cheaper accommodation

For students and young people, finding an affordable place to live is one of the biggest challenges of independent life. Hostels provide the perfect solution by assigning cheap, charity-run accommodation that includes bills within your weekly payment so you don’t need to worry about unexpected expenses.

  1. Safe supervision

Hostels have staff and security on site at all hours of the day so that residents feel safe in their accommodation. You will also be supplied with safe areas for your valuables and be able to sleep knowing you’re somewhere secure.

At LHA London, we provide contents insurance as standard with our accommodation, so you know that your belongings are protected in the unlikely event of a fire, flood or theft.

  1. Social opportunities

When you move away from home, it can be difficult knowing where to begin when making friends. In a hostel environment, you’ll have access to common areas where you can connect socially with people of your own age who are likely going through similar experiences to you.

At most youth hostels including LHA London, you’ll also have access to resources that connect you with social activities and employment opportunities in the area to broaden your circle and help you feel more at home.

Because home is where you find your family.

  1. Location

LHA London hostels give you the opportunity to live right in the heart of one of the most advantageous – but expensive – cities in the world. Many young people miss out on the wealth of job prospects and educational options that London has to offer simply because they can’t afford accommodation, but with charity-run hostels, you can exist amongst it all.

  1. Unique accommodation

Hostels are generally refurbished buildings, each boasting its own unique layout, exterior and quirks. Unlike student accommodation, hostels can allow you to live in some of the grandest buildings in your chosen location for an affordable price.

  1. Dedicated study areas

If you’re a student who thrives best when given quiet areas to study then hostels provide the perfect solution. Whether it’s in your room or in a dedicated study area, youth hostels give you access to a wide variety of environments to bring out the best in your work.

  1. Available amenities

The amenities available to you will vary from hostel to hostel but most offer:

  • Kitchen facilities
  • Shared bathroom amenities
  • Utilities like washing machines
  • Free Wifi
  • Common area for social activities
  • Local resources

Some hostels will even have added amenities like communal gym space and cafe areas.

How expensive are London youth hostels?

London youth hostels can start from as little as £90 a week and at LHA London there are options for catered accommodation too. All rooms are fully catered with utilities, internet access, personal belongings insurance and 24 hour security.

Our hostels cover all major points on the city’s map and cover your bills too, so you don’t need to worry about any additional costs while you focus on building the life you want.

For more information about how our charity can help you get set up in the big city, take a look at our available accommodation and don’t forget to check out our offer to discover what we can offer you.

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