25 years’ service celebrated at Sandeman-Allen

LHA marks 25 years’ service for Laurent Nolfo – Manager at Sandeman-Allen House.   Most managers of LHA London can recall when they first met Laurent during his time, which includes positions at Bowden Court, Railton House, Leinster House, Sandeman-Allen as an Assistant Manager, Holland House and then back to Sandeman-Allen as a manager. Sandeman-Allen is a central, catered accommodation with some of the best customer feedback scores for customer

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Bringing life to rooms at Halpin House

Is this a postcard sent from Kew Gardens?   Not quite, these are some of the rooms that residents at Halpin House have made into their home from home; turning shared spaces into communal living at it’s best. At Halpin House, the team are always encouraging residents who typically stay 1-6 months whilst studying, working locally or completing an internship to put a touch of green in their living space. There have

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