We get great comments from our guests and typically score above 4 out of 5 for any online feedback such as Trip Advisor.

Most issues can be quickly resolved with the House management team and every guest also has access to our central customer service team. Have a look what people are saying about us below.

Sandeman-Allen resident
Linda Broccato

"It's great being able to stay long term so central in London. The internet is really good and included which is a benefit too."

Jose at Sandeman-Allen
Jose Perez

"If you want to stay in the best part of London, meet people like you and have loads of fun for an affordable price this is the place to come!"

Barbara Rosanna

"I was looking for long term accommodation with little commitment & obligations"

Bowden Court resident
Marta Royo

"I like the area, I always feel safe and there are really good transport links to the city."

Bouvier Le Cocq

"Living here is the closest thing to home and I feel safe and comfortable."

Troiano Menardi

"It is so easy living here and I have met such nice people"

Pinherio Petitjean

"The accommodation provides value for money, safety, plus the staff are awesome"