Why Co-Living is the New Way to Live in Central London

London may be The Greatest City in the World, but the housing and rent prices will make you think twice.

According to a report, young Londoners spend almost 60% of their income on rent alone. In recent years, rent prices have gone up much faster than wages, with the average cost at £746 across Britain and £1,133 in the capital.

Behind London’s dazzling fashion, infrastructure, and strong economy, is a hoard of young professionals scrambling for affordable accommodation. The solution to this housing and rent crisis: co-living.

The Idea of Co-Living

We did not invent co-living; it has been around for quite some time in other countries. Imagine having everything you need in your new home. You have access to a gym, a study space, and even a game room when you have time to spare. While this setup sounds like a hotel, it is a co-living space.

You have your own bedroom and bathroom, whilst sharing communal spaces, such as a kitchen and library, with other tenants. This new style of communal living is the way to live at a time where rental prices are sky-high.

It’s also a new way for young students and professionals to integrate into the city life. The setup is designed to provide quality, convenience, and a genuine sense of community. In a lot of ways, LHA offers this kind of experience to our tenants.

Your Home Away from Home

The idea of co-living is to preserve a culture of collaboration and sharing among young people with similar experiences.

As a friendly springboard to Central London, LHA houses are like a gigantic family lying in the heart of London. We have residents from around the world, and they have embraced the company of like-minded people. The communal space is never overwhelming – everyone is welcome to chat and join the fun.

Whether you are looking to make friends or hoping to get settled in the nation’s capital, LHA is the best place to start. With 13 sites across the city to accommodate nearly 2,000 people, we would be delighted to save one more room for you.

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