What Would Monopoly Money Buy Today?

Most people do not know that Monopoly reflects actual London rent, home, and hotel prices when it first broke into the gaming market in 1935. Any person who owns a copy of the game today can see how affordable it was to get the proper accommodations in most places in the city. These days, prices for even the simplest spaces are skyrocketing. How do modern rates compare to what they were 80 years ago?

Monopoly Money

First, we’ll need to consider what potential renters can get for the lowest possible price available. Back in the 30s, £60 is enough for a person to a call a space in Whitechapel their own. In the new millennium, the average in monthly rental dues for a room in the same area is £950. This means that what formerly meant stable lodgings for people in the past is now enough for less than two days.

The situation isn’t much different in nearby Old Kent Road, another location that only costs the average 1935 Monopoly player £60 to own. If that player were suddenly dropped in the same area in today’s rental market, his money would be just enough to get them 48 hours and 12 minutes of shelter.

The position most renters find themselves in is not much different from their Whitechapel counterparts. An average of £814 a month does not provide people with much leeway for budgeting other things in addition to their rent. This is a difficult reality that many Londoners are living with in today’s rental market, and the prospects get even worse for people who are coming to the city for the first time.

A soothing Solution for a Cruel Reality

Rising prices is, however, a normal consequence of an area’s progress. The better a city becomes in any measurable terms, more people will want to live there. More competition means more demand, and the prices will surely rise.

Fortunately, there are places in London where students and low-budget renters can stay without burning any holes on their bank accounts. We are the people that ensure those people get to those places safely. Contact us today, and get more information on how you can get to have a good time in London without losing it all on rent.