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Volunteering with LHA London

We have been running our volunteering programme for over 8 years at LHA and now developed to have over 150 active volunteers. Duties include house keeping, kitchen-portering and serving in our dining rooms. Volunteers can also progress to reception duties and food preparation in one of our five kitchens. Volunteers offer around 20 hours to LHA and we provide them accommodation and half board (where available). Volunteering allows people to live their London Lives – many of them are students in London, some combine it with working in London, but all enjoy living and volunteering in a friendly hostel environment.

In order to review the success of the programme, we’ve been speaking to our volunteers to see what they enjoy about working and living at LHA.

Christophe from Bowden Court:


“I am delighted to be at Bowden, because for me it’s a new experience base with multicultural volunteers. The location is fantastic and easy access towards the city centre. I enjoy going running in the park nearby and from an economical aspect the fact I don’t have to pay the high rent normally in London allows me to live better and survive without spending much.”

Agnes from Davies Court:

Agna Davies Court

“I’m being a volunteer for the LHA around four months. I’m working in Davies Court. I like so much to live and work here. It’s based in a very nice area (close to Canary Wharf), in a new building (we have gym and lift) and the staff are very friendly. The volunteer position help me a lot, because I work hard at the same time I enjoy that with nice people working like a team. And in return they give me accommodation, this is awesome, I can live in London “for free” and have fun. And is possible have another job in London for a part time. I improved many skills, one of them was my English, which until them was my objective to live in UK. But now I want go to university and still being a volunteer here. I hope that this dream come true. This gonna be very important for me when I start the university, I can still saving money with the accommodation. I recommend you to be a volunteer in Davies Court.”

Giovanni (ex-volunteer) from Sandeman-Allen:

Giovanni Sandeman

“I have been a volunteer 1 year and 6 months. Sandeman Allen House is based in very central London. It is close to Hyde Park and many of London’s best attractions. It is a catered site making it easy to interact, socialise and meet new people. Sandeman Allen House provides complimentary use of the gym which is great for customers and staff members who want to stay in shape. Being a volunteer is a great opportunity to develop and gain new skills by being committed just few hours a day. I think that the skills and experience you can gain through the LHA London Ltd volunteer scheme is useful for your working future. When I first started volunteering as kitchen porter/dining room attendant I did not expect to become a paid staff member. I have now being promoted as a fully paid housekeeper and it is one of my greatest achievements. My next career goal is to become assistant management.”

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with LHA, please send an email with your CV, a short covering letter and the dates you would like to arrive to Volunteers@lhalondon.com