Top Accommodation Hotspots for Young Professionals

London has become a great place to build a new breed of hostels and high-rise flats. The residents who will occupy these properties are not tourists, but budget-conscious young professionals – and they will wander around a spacious room fitted with stunning décor, a TV area, a bathroom, modern bedroom and kitchen island with a breakfast bar.

As a young professional in a leading global city, it’s no wonder that finding the ideal place to live can be a daunting task. Choosing between a hostel, a flat or a studio room seems like a lot of work full of frustrations.

London is big, and the pressure of striving to live here is going to be stressful if you do not know how. As a trusted name in the UK’s accommodation sector, we thought the need to guide you where to go.

West Hampstead

A number of studies have revealed that South West London, in particular the SW19 postcode, is the top hot spot for young professionals aged 25 to 44. One of the most desirable areas is Hampstead due to its quick and reliable access to public transport.


Paddington, on the other hand, is quickly becoming popular with young professionals moving to London. This area does not just offer great job opportunities, but trendy restaurants, vibrant nightlife and relaxing neighbourhood as well. It is difficult not to admire Paddington, as it is a real hub for successful people, both old and young.


Researchers explain that young professionals make up a big proportion of London’s workforce. This is the reason why where they choose to live has an impact on the local housing market. Their thorough analysis indicates that Wimbledon attracts many aspiring urbanities.

Here in LHA London, we can help you choose the right accommodation that will cater to all your needs. We have a broad range of properties for rent, all refurbished and modernised over the past decade. Get in touch with us today for fast assistance.