The World Is Your Classroom: Studying Abroad

You may have heard the cliché “the world is your classroom.” Many wax poetic about seeing the world and simultaneously finding themselves in the process. There is some truth to this, because you are only one person out of seven billion who have their own unique views and experiences of the world.

When you travel to study, you meet other people who may be completely the same as you but different at the same time. You broaden your horizons by waking up in new cities and learn self-reliance. These are important life experiences that may make you a more holistic person.

Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls

Travel makes you a happier person and it provides you with a different perspective about yourself, others and the country you came from. When you study abroad you learn things not only in the classroom, but also outside of it through the people you meet and the experiences you share. Book learning is still important as it also broadens your knowledge. However, what you read and hear in a classroom have their limits.

When you travel, it tests your tolerance or understanding of things, cultures and people who are different from you, especially when you stay in a dormitory. What you think is right may not be the same for someone else; this knowledge allows you to adapt and be more open to others. It also provides you with a different perspective of the course you are currently taking. It enables you to apply it in various ways, which you could not do before you left the comforts of home.

The LHA London Experience

When you choose to stay in one of our hostels, you get various amenities, such as a gym, a study room, a game room and a roof garden, along with 24-hour security and Wi-Fi. These are some of the things you will enjoy during your stay. Our staff may provide you with information about the city like where to eat, places to see and things to do.

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