The Top London Spots to Visit for Potterheads

While Newt Scamander toured Wizarding World fans around New York, the UK remains the home of three best friends many have come to love. For a Potterhead, a trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a day of looking for magical activity.

Here are the top spots where you might see some objects elevate or spot cars flying up ahead. Don’t be alarmed, just enjoy. Hope you won’t get obliviated!

King’s Cross

First on this list is probably the most popular spot for Harry Potter fans in London. King’s Cross is where you can catch the train to Hogwarts; that is if you can get to Platform 9 and ¾. While at the station, look for a cart catching its Hogwarts Express ride.

Millennium Bridge

This London bridge fell no thanks to Death Eaters who wanted to wreak havoc in the Muggle world. When visiting, be vigilant. If dark clouds start forming the skull and snake of the Dark Mark, it’s the cue to start running away.

Reptile House London

Ever wondered if you can talk to snakes like the Boy Who Lived (and he-who-must-not-be-named)? This reptile house is where Harry first discovered he was a parseltongue, or someone who can speak to snakes through hisses. Try hissing at one of the snakes. Maybe you’ll get a reply.

Australia House

It might be known as Australia House to No Magics, but this is really just Gringgots Bank in disguise. The interiors of this place look exactly like what you have seen in the movie minus the terrifying goblins.

Quidditch at Hampstead Heat

London, of course, is a venue for occasional Quidditch matches. Most of the time, wizarding school alumni still eyeing professional Quidditch careers flock these matches. If you think you have a knack for the sport, join the weekly trainings by London Unspeakables Quidditch.

The British capital has many iconic spots to offer Potterheads of all ages. While it’s true that many more can be found outside of London, they can be reached when you finally get hold of a portkey or perfect your apparition.

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