The Student’s Guide to Going Around London

London is a bustling city that’s full of opportunities — and for university students who are in the prime of their lives, they are getting more than just an academic education in London; they are also getting an excellent quality of life.


London is home to the finest gardens and green spaces where students may step out into for a break from city life. Locals hold picnics, ride boats and even sunbathe at the city’s famed parks. South of the river, you will find the fantastic views of Primrose Hill. The Ruins of the Crystal Palace is a popular heritage park, located just on the outskirts of London.

The West End

In contrast to the serene environment of parks, the vibrant entertainment district of London is found in the famous West End. Shaftesbury Avenue is home to London’s biggest theatre, while Leicester Square houses all the major cinemas and big, star-studded premieres. Moreover, the West End is a winding boulevard of shops, restaurants and arcades where students may spend their Friday nights to relax and socialise.

The Shopping District

You will find various wonders in London’s massive shopping district. Oxford Street, the longest and busiest shopping centre in the UK, is a great place to shop for street fashion finds. With more than 300 shops to visit in Oxford, the area is a dream come true for fashion enthusiasts. Students who are into vintage clothing and goth fashion may want to visit Camden Town and Greenwich — both places have markets and boutiques for just about any subculture! High fashion brands, meanwhile, are found in Bruton Street, Bond Street and Conduit Street.


If your taste buds are up for an adventure, then head off in any direction in London. No matter where you end up, you’ll find a selection of eateries that has both premier restaurants, as well as affordable dining options for students working on a budget. Students out for a taste of posh nosh should visit Mayfair, Kensington and Knightsbridge, while those keen on sampling the city’s cheap eats should look to Piccadilly Circus, Soho and Borough Market. Camden Town also offers great street food at almost every corner.

London is an excellent place to pursue an education, but it has much more to give than that. For a practical lesson on a high quality of life, students shouldn’t waste the opportunity to live in the city. For accommodations in Central London, contact LHA London.