The Introverted Hostel Life

Life in a London hostel can be a fun, exciting experience. You will meet new people, get to explore the city and get a taste of the local culture. You will also get to live with strangers and build new relationships in the process.

But what do you do if you dread the thought of living with other people? Hostel life can be challenging for introverts, especially those who value their privacy. While it is certainly possible to get a solo room at our student accommodation in central London, most of the choices available will require you to live with others.

You do not have to feel miserable during your stay — it is all about adapting to your surroundings, and compromising where needed. Here are some ways to make your stay more enjoyable:

Establish house rules with your roommates

We have talked before about how it is important to find people who you want to live with. This makes it easier for those who prefer small groups to large ones, especially if you rent rooms that accommodate just two or three people.

To maintain some semblance of order and to establish boundaries, you can set house rules with your roommates, such as assigning a certain part of the wardrobe to each person or designating one area of the room to a certain roommate.

Go out often

If you need some time alone to unwind, an option would be to go out often. London has many beautiful parks for you to spend quality time alone. You can take a walk through Hyde Park, or relax with a book at Green Park.

There are many places that you can retreat to should you find hostel life a bit too trying for your tastes.

Balance it out

Even if you are in an introvert, you should not retreat completely. While it is okay to seek some privacy occasionally, learn to balance it by stepping outside your comfort zone. Make new friends and get to know others living at your hostel.

Finding the right balance is one of the best ways for you to make your stay more enjoyable.

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