The Advantages of Student Accommodation in London

Finding a place to stay in London is just the first step to integrating to the city life. We here at LHA London know the excitement students feel the first time they step out into what will be their home for the next few years. Tenants from our multiple locations will have different takes on what the city offers. London differs even just from its residential districts, and as a new resident, you can focus on your studies within a city that boasts an unfocused essence by design.

Places to See

Even the oldest London residents can attest that the city still has a few places they have yet to visit. It will be very tempting to discover London’s best-kept secrets, but doing so will take an ungodly amount of your time. Students new to the city typically have just enough time to see London’s most prominent features. Even then, new and exciting events pop up around the city, giving you a virtually limitless number of sights for your student or tourist checklist. During your lecture-free time, drop by London’s famous museums to incorporate some learning to your exploration.

Things to Buy

Get yourself an NUS card as soon as possible. With the number of places to visit in the city, you may find yourself purchasing some souvenirs and trying out the myriad of cuisines on offer. Saving money here and there is easier with the discounts afforded by the NUS card.

Activities to Do

London is a city of multicultural wonder. The sheer diversity of London residents makes sure there are countless activities to experience and distinct people to meet. New arrivals may find themselves overwhelmed by the options they have on where to go first.

We suggest just letting the city’s beauty sink in at first, make new friends and find ways to make the place your own. Your studies will be a lot less stressful if you know that right outside the lecture hall, waiting for you is the greatest city in Britain.

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