The 3 Types of Roommates You’ll Meet in Hostels

Contrary to popular belief, living in a hostel is an enriching experience. Apart from the rich culture of the location and providing budget-friendly benefits, hostels also encourage proper socialisation amongst guests. In hostels, it is impossible not to meet someone new. Even if you are the typical introvert, you will always meet a new friend.

In your room alone, the chances for socialisation are high. Roommates are the people you end up bunking with in your stay. Common dorm rooms encourage diversity as some of your roommates come from various ethnicities.

Hostel roommates are also some of the most interesting people you will encounter in your trip.

The Language Barrier Roommate

Hostels house over hundreds of backpackers from across the globe. Expect to find yourself face to face with a roommate who barely speaks an ounce of English. Despite being one of the universal languages, not everyone can converse in English.

This is not a bad thing; in fact, it adds something interesting to your stay. This type of roommate provides a picture of their home. You listen to the medley of foreign languages such as Mandarin, German or French. One way to establish connection is by attempting to communicate despite the language barrier.

The Friendly Chatter

This type of roommate makes for a great acquaintance. The Friendly Chatter need not go out with you for drinks or know you in-depth, but they are willing to exchange travel tales with you. This roommate tells you about their next destination or probably makes comments about your awkward roommate.

The Friendly Chatter adds knowledge and inspiration to your trip. Make sure you participate in active exchanges with this type of roommate.

The Silent Roommate

Silent roommates add mystery to your stay. Because of their silence, you often wonder about them. Where are they from? Why are they here? This roommate chooses not to converse with others; instead, they prefer to move about the room silently.

While some silent roommates provoke awkwardness, others come in handy when you seek silence in your room. When you encounter this roommate, try to establish small talk. Eventually, some of them will open up.

Roommates add to your page of interesting travel tales. If you consider living in our accommodations, you will come across these roommates. Enjoy the diverse set. Get in touch with us today and find the best accommodations in London.