Living with Strangers: Why It Isn’t a Bad Thing

Going on trips abroad are just one of the things many people do to broaden their horizons. It can be an expensive endeavour to study or simply take extended tours, but know that there are also many way to make it affordable. Stay in a hostel to reduce your expenses and get to meet other people from different countries.

Learn from Strangers from All Over the World

Having a stranger in your room or sharing a living space with them can be an overwhelming experience for first-timers. A conversation with someone from the other side of the world, however, will give you a glimpse of what life is like outside your comfort zone. The distinct accent and mannerisms, and details such as eye colour, skin pigment and others are all foreign, opening you to a different world.

Foreigners and the stories they tell enable you to understand a situation where it would be easier to make assumptions rather than showing compassion or understanding. Strangers living in the same space also create opportunities for sharing expenses, responsibilities and even improving skills for work or school.

The expenses you incur abroad will accumulate, especially if you stay long term. You also have to deal with chores such as cleaning, washing, cooking and others. Shared living spaces, hostels and other similar forms of accommodation allow you to share some of the workload and costs.

By living in a hostel during your trip, study or work abroad, you get to meet other people and reduce your living expenses.

Accommodation from LHA London

We at LHA London provide you with several accommodation types that suit your needs, especially if you are staying long term. Our facilities are clean, well maintained, safe and secure and have Wi-Fi for those who need to stay connected. Our central location gives us an edge; you get to enjoy your stay and visit nearby attractions, dine in homey cafes and experience a vibrant nightlife after a tiring day at work or school.

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