LHA London’s Stories: Alfonso

Towards the end of October, we were visited at Belvedere House since by an past-resident by the name of Mr. Alfonso Morcillo. It was over 40 years ago that Mr. Morcillo last saw the building but he still took time to visit and was shown around the recently refurbished rooms, kitchens and communal areas. He’s pictured above with the manager of the hostel, Mario and his partner.

We got in touch with Mr. Richards recently to ask him some questions about his life since being an LHA London resident:

1. Which cities have you lived in and what has been your favourite place to visit?

London, Paris, Helsinki, Madrid and León (Spain). London has probably been my favourite.

2. When did you stay at Belvedere House and how was the hostel and the city different back then compared to your visit recently?

I stayed at Belvedere Hostel (that was the name in 1977) in 1977. In my last visit in October I found it completely changed. Much more modern.

3. What initially bought you to London when you stayed and why did you leave?

I went to London to practice your language after finishing the University. I left Belvedere House to join a job in Spain

4. How do you spend your time nowadays?

I am a teacher at the University. I teach at a Private School of Industrial Engineers in Madrid City. I suppose things are totally different now from the time I was there. Aren´t they? Your House was a 1977 Hostel (maybe a bit all fashioned) but I am very happy to see that it is still giving accommodation to young people like it did to me 40 years ago. Thank you and keep on.

Thank you Alfonso for taking the time to visit and speak to us.

If you are a past resident, volunteer or employee who would like to get in touch and discuss your time at LHA London and life since we’d love to hear from you. Please get in contact via email to customerservices@lhalondon.com