LHA London Life Stories: Mr. Richards

A few weeks ago we had a visitor return to the recently refurbished Belvedere House; an ex-resident by the name of Mr. Paul Richards and his wife, who were celebrating his 70th birthday. Mr. Richards lived at the hostel on the weekly rent plan in 1966 for a year when he was 20 and had never visited Belvedere House since.  The LHA London team offered a tour of the house including a quick visit to his former room.  Mr. Richards was impressed with the hostel and remarked that it looks a lot different from the old days.

P. Richards v2Above: Mr. Richards (left), Manager of Belvedere House (centre), Mrs. Richards (right)

We got in touch with Mr. Richards recently to ask him some questions about his life since being an LHA London resident:

1. What profession or studies were you pursuing after you left Belvedere House in the 1960’s?

When I left London I went into Banking and ended up being a Bank Manager with the Lloyds Banking Group in South Wales.

2. Did England win the football world cup whilst you were staying at Belvedere? If you were at Belvedere House still, were you able to watch any games at the accommodation or in a local pub?

England Won the World Cup when I was a resident and I actually saw the match in the TV room. As you can imagine the whole place was so exciting and the whole of London celebrated for days. We went to Trafalgar Square to join in the merriment and the whole area was rocking.

3. What part of the country do you live in now? Did you travel much after living in Belvedere House?

I settled down in South Wales married and had 2 children. My days of travelling were over. I retired at the age of 56 and since then have not worked again and just enjoy life.

If you are a past resident, volunteer or employee who would like to get in touch and discuss your time at LHA London and life since we’d love to hear from you. Please get in contact via email to customerservices@lhalondon.com