Five Days of Merry London: Must-See Destinations

With its royal splendour, unrivalled attractions and historical sites, London promises a fulfilling visit for the smart traveller. The city is an astonishing venue where modern beauty and remnants of old-world grandeur meet.

As you plan your holiday in merry London, here are some things you should not miss in your

Day 1: Kensington Palace

If you are fond of London’s royal lineage, Kensington Palace makes the perfect destination for the first day of your visit. This exquisite palace located in the heart of the city boasts manicured lawns and astonishing gardens. The palace holds great historical value as the home for England’s royal family—you will find galleries, antique collections and the life stories of
Britain’s past monarchs.

Day 2: The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall will delight your senses with music by London’s greatest talents. Famous for being the venue of The Proms concerts during summer, this music hall offers a musical experience unlike any other. The Royal Albert Hall holds more than 300 events every year, ranging from classical ballet performances to pop concerts.

Day 3: The Science Museum

Put your knowledge to the test and enjoy a day of scientific exploration at London’s Science Museum. As one of the city’s three major museums, The Science Museum is home to a collection of over 300,000 relics. You will find interactive exhibits, early prototypes of machines, and historical galleries on every floor of this massive museum.

Day 4: London Pubs

Apart from its remarkable tourist hotspots, London is also popular for its bustling nightlife. The city streets come to life in pubs and go-to nightclubs. If you want to unwind and enjoy a great – tasting ale after a day of exploration, the city’s pubs will give you much to sample for the night.

Day 5: London Eye

With a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline, the London Eye makes the perfect conclusion for your trip. This 443-foot structure overlooks the city’s local attractions from miles away. As the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, the London Eye offers a new view of city explorations.

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