Finding Affordable Accommodation in London

For people who love travelling around the world, London remains one of the most preferred destinations. Being at the very heart of merry old England, it is where the hustle and bustle of English commerce thrives. As such, businesses and commercial establishments line the streets of London.

With monthly transportation and rental rates being so high, London is right atop the list of the priciest cities in the world which leaves travellers to ask, “What is a person to do with the cost of living in London being so high?”

Well, there is plenty! Here are some ways to stretch your Pound on accommodation in London:

Look for Hostels

Why stay at home when you can be right at the centre of all the action? When you are in the heart of England’s capital, all you need for living accommodation is a bed, a common room, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

Bunk up

For many, living accommodation can burn too deep a hole in the pocket. A friendly couch can be a good solution for this. While it may be far from being the most ideal living situation, it is a good stepping stone until you can find a more permanent place to live in.

With prices skyrocketing and folks from everywhere jostling for living space, London house-hunting can be a road without end. Living in the world’s premier city has its many perks, though. And it is well worth it.

LHA London knows the ins and outs of living in one of the best cities in the world. We can help you settle right in the heart of London. Our rooms are popular among students and working professionals. Contact us today and allow us to help you find the perfect living accommodation for your needs!