Dealing with Unofficial Flatmates Diplomatically

Not many people are familiar with unofficial flatmates, but people who have experienced their fair share of flatmates know exactly who these are. These are the people who are in a relationship with your flatmates, and spend all their time at your place. This may not sound like a serious problem, but it will take a toll on the status of the flat later on.

The Problem with Their Status

The longer that person stays in the space, the more likely they are to use resources such as hot water, kitchen utensils or the entertainment system. Not only is the consumption of such resources a drain on the limited supplies the flat has, but the time those unofficial flatmates take to use them inevitably cuts into your own.

It is the general consensus that if a person spends more than half the week at a flat, they are using enough resources to merit contribution to the rent or maintenance of the area. The most diplomatic approach would be to talk to your actual flatmate about the issue.

Approaching the Issue

Don’t worry too much about how they would react to what you have to say. The peaceful cohabitation with a flatmate depends on the feeling of mutual trust and honesty. This is especially true if their significant other is eating the both of you out of house and home. Think about proposing a change to the tenancy agreement if the unofficial flat mate has more or less moved in.

The issue with unofficial flatmates is not solely about money; they are within a private area that only you and your flatmate should have access to. There should be clear boundaries on what they can and cannot do or touch. It does not matter if they are already aware of such boundaries because of all the time they have spent there; it does not hurt to put everything in writing.

Living with people becomes complex sometimes, but with a little guidance there is no reason for any partnership to go sour. If you want to get more tips on how best to approach problems with flatmates, or are looking for a new place to move into, contact us today. We offer some of the most friendly and practical accommodations in all of London.