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Free Museums in London to Experience Culture and History

The British Museum

Museums preserve our history and culture in a way that few other mediums can — from interactive presentations to the display of authentic relics from the past, museums give us a glimpse into past lives and how we became who we are today.

You do not need a lot of money to explore the best museums in London — many of them are absolutely free! Whether you are a student or a backpacker on a tight budget, take a look at […]

LHA London supports Cardinal Hume for the day!

LHA London spent a day working with Cardinal Hume Centre on 2nd March to help clean the garden, organise the toys and clear up the store cupboards of the stock generously left by donations to a wonderful cause. The team from LHA were taken around the hostel, offices and support centre offering them an insight into the great work achieved by the centre and some context to how LHA have supported the objectives of Cardinal Hume with the installation of […]

How Freelancers Can Survive and Thrive in London

Man lying with laptop drinking coffee or tea

Working as a freelancer in the heart of London can be both a fulfilling and challenging experience for a young professional, and this is especially true for someone who comes from another part of the country, or another part of the world. Not only will you have to generate a regular income; but you will also need to create and follow a realistic plan to live comfortably on a freelancer’s salary.

London is famous for attracting high-earners. Is it possible for […]

What to Expect When Living in a Self-catering Accommodation

Affordable accommodation that makes you feel at home gives you a sense of security and comfort when you’re living and working away from loved ones. If you are staying in London, you have a wide choice of accommodation, from hotels and hostels to houses and flat-shares.

If you opt to live in self-catering accommodation, here are a few things you can expect:

Some Facilities are Provided

If you have an image of an empty apartment and are already packing all your home appliances […]

LHA London resident returns

Mr Kang visited Belvedere House a few weeks ago after 20 years since he was a resident of the self-catered accommodation in South Kensington. He recognised the manager, from his time at Belvedere House two decades on and sent us the following:

“First of all, I appreciate your staffs’ kindness while I was staying there.
I guess it’s same in 20 years.
Also that is a special memory that I met you again in 20 years.

When I came to London […]

LHA upgrades Wi-Fi for all residents

To celebrate the holidays and bring in the new year, LHA London have invested in the free Wi-Fi service available for free to all long term residents (staying longer than 2 weeks).

The previous ‘base line’ service was 20MB per person, with up to 5 simultaneous devices (e.g. phone or tablet) available per person.

The base line service from 1st January will rise to 50MB per person, with up to 7 concurrent devices per person!

The Top London Spots to Visit for Potterheads

While Newt Scamander toured Wizarding World fans around New York, the UK remains the home of three best friends many have come to love. For a Potterhead, a trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a day of looking for magical activity.

Here are the top spots where you might see some objects elevate or spot cars flying up ahead. Don’t be alarmed, just enjoy. Hope you won’t get obliviated!

King’s Cross

First on this list is probably the most popular spot for […]

Mannequin challenge at Halpin House

The LHA team at Halpin House in South Kensington got together last week for their take on the mannequin challenge, which has dominated social media over the last few weeks. Volunteers, guests and maintenance staff got together to offer a brief insight into the home from home and family atmosphere in central London.

Watch the video below:

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer and staying with LHA London in one of our 13 central London accommodations, […]

LHA London’s Stories: Alfonso

Towards the end of October, we were visited at Belvedere House since by an past-resident by the name of Mr. Alfonso Morcillo. It was over 40 years ago that Mr. Morcillo last saw the building but he still took time to visit and was shown around the recently refurbished rooms, kitchens and communal areas. He’s pictured above with the manager of the hostel, Mario and his partner.

We got in touch with Mr. Richards recently to ask him some questions about his life […]

The Introverted Hostel Life

Life in a London hostel can be a fun, exciting experience. You will meet new people, get to explore the city and get a taste of the local culture. You will also get to live with strangers and build new relationships in the process.

But what do you do if you dread the thought of living with other people? Hostel life can be challenging for introverts, especially those who value their privacy. While it is certainly possible to get a solo […]

Store your belongings over Xmas!

We’ve partnered with GotBox22 to offer our residents 10% off on-demand storage when booked using the the code LHA10.

If you’re a current resident and need storage for your belongings, you can now arrange your things to be collected, stored and then delivered to you at a later date with GotBox22. This partnership makes it easier for our residents to take advantage of our optimizer promotion by offering safe storage for belongings during holidays until they […]


LHA London are offering a 10% discount for Key Workers who stay on a long run basis. The offer is available in shared rooms at our Notting Hill accommodationg (Bowden Court) from 8th October 2016.

This means that as a key worker, you could have a shared room, including half board, gym, Wi-Fi, cleaning, contents insurance and all bills in Notting Hill for less than £120 per week*.

Eligible Key (Essential) Workers:
Teachers / Emergency services […]

Student Life in London: Making the Most of Your Stay

Student life in London is quite overwhelming at first. Students need to make adjustments on their lifestyle, learn how to blend with the locals and make new friends. It is true that living in a new place or environment can be difficult, but there are plenty of good things to expect if you look at the bright side.

In London, the opportunities for fun, friendship, learning and career growth are endless. Studying in the UK capital is a dream come true […]

NHS Workers Receive 10% Discount

LHA London are offering a 10% discount on room fee’s for NHS staff who book on a long run basis with occupancy starting between August – November 2016.

This means that, as an NHS staff member, you could have a single room including half board, gym, Wi-Fi, cleaning, contents insurance and all bills in Notting Hill for £188 per week or a shared room with half board for less than £100 per week*.

We only ask for a £200 deposit to confirm […]

Find a Flatmate You Actually Want to Live With

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of moving into a hostel is rooming with other people. While we have written about getting along with strangers before, we understand that some people are just a bit more discerning about their flatmates than others.

Unfortunately, if you want to live in a budget accommodation in the heart of London  and cannot afford one of the solo rooms, you may have no choice but to live with strangers. While it would be […]

Why Co-Living is the New Way to Live in Central London

London may be The Greatest City in the World, but the housing and rent prices will make you think twice.

According to a report, young Londoners spend almost 60% of their income on rent alone. In recent years, rent prices have gone up much faster than wages, with the average cost at £746 across Britain and £1,133 in the capital.

Behind London’s dazzling fashion, infrastructure, and strong economy, is a hoard of young professionals scrambling for affordable accommodation. The […]

‘Generation Rent’ is Taking Over London

It may not seem like it, but a significant change is occurring in the London landscape.

Through our years of service, we have witnessed countless events and shifts in the city, specifically its edifices. Besides the new structure that pops up here and there, the London infrastructure remains largely unchanged. The real shift actually concerns the ownership rate of these buildings — a rate that has been declining for the past several years.

A Different Living Arrangement

According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, around 60 […]

The Advantages of Student Accommodation in London

Finding a place to stay in London is just the first step to integrating to the city life. We here at LHA London know the excitement students feel the first time they step out into what will be their home for the next few years. Tenants from our multiple locations will have different takes on what the city offers. London differs even just from its residential districts, and as a new resident, you can focus on your studies within a […]

Achieve a Well-balanced Student Life in London

While it is important to keep up with your studies, life is more than just writing essays and scoring well on tests. Here in LHA London, we believe that students should lead a well-balanced life that goes beyond the classroom.

One of the advantages of rooming in hostels is that it is relatively easy to engage in other enriching activities during your stay. Our student accommodation in London has various facilities available, from fitness gyms to roof gardens, for a […]

LHA London Life Stories: Mr. Richards

A few weeks ago we had a visitor return to the recently refurbished Belvedere House; an ex-resident by the name of Mr. Paul Richards and his wife, who were celebrating his 70th birthday. Mr. Richards lived at the hostel on the weekly rent plan in 1966 for a year when he was 20 and had never visited Belvedere House since.  The LHA London team offered a tour of the house including a quick visit to his former room.  Mr. Richards was impressed with the hostel and remarked that […]