Average London Rental Statistics

London has one of the better reputations when it comes to affordable real estate in comparison to other cities with a similar standing. But there are very few resources that actually help travellers decide how different the city is against its international peers in terms of reasonably priced property. Fortunately, we have this covered, as we have a compilation of the average costs a traveller would incur if they wanted to live in London.

Bear in mind that the numbers we have here are the general averages of each section of the city. These rates do not necessarily reflect the charges of our own accommodations. These statistics are divided into North, West, East and South London to give travellers a better idea of how things are on the different sides of the Thames.

Average Rate Ranges

It may come as a surprise to many people that the most expensive shared flat rentals are not in the areas even Londoners think they are. According to the data, the areas with the highest average rates for this property type are in South London at £280-£500 for singles, and £350-£650 for doubles. West London comes second (£280-£430 (s), £459-£690 (d)), and a virtual tie between East London (£290-£390 (s), £430-£600 (d)) and North London (£300-400 (s), £430-£550 (d)).

The statistics better reflect the perception Londoners have for each area when it comes to one-bedroom flat rentals. The highest monthly average belongs to West London (£700-£800), with another tie between East and North London (£650-£750), with South London as the most affordable (£600-£700).

The First Consideration

The cost of living does not just depend on the cost of the accommodations of course, but it is the most significant consideration every traveller should settle first. This is especially true if you’re looking to stay in London for more than recreation – students being the best example.

If you are looking for accommodations that are both affordable and close to the places you need to frequent, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you can. We provide the safest locations where you can work or study in peace and maximum convenience.