Achieve a Well-balanced Student Life in London

While it is important to keep up with your studies, life is more than just writing essays and scoring well on tests. Here in LHA London, we believe that students should lead a well-balanced life that goes beyond the classroom.

One of the advantages of rooming in hostels is that it is relatively easy to engage in other enriching activities during your stay. Our student accommodation in London has various facilities available, from fitness gyms to roof gardens, for a lazy day out in the sun with your friends.

School, Health and Social Life

We believe that students should aim to be a holistic person. Even though you came to London to receive world-class education, you should still have fun. Remember how the old proverb goes:

 ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.’

Split your time amongst school, caring for your health and building your relationships with the people around you. It is easy to make new friends at our hostels, as you will be sharing your room with other students who likely have the same goals as you do.

Eat well, and be sure to watch your health. Students are notorious for subsisting exclusively on junk food, but you should not let that stop you from eating healthily. Exercise at a gym or go out for a walk at a nearby park.

Immerse yourself in London’s culture. Visit art galleries, attend cultural events, and befriend the various buskers and performers roaming the streets. 

Learn Invaluable Life Skills

A balanced student life is more than just caring for your health and fostering new relationships. It teaches you to become a more well-rounded person. You will learn how to manage your time and become more adaptable as you assimilate into London’s diverse culture.

When you know how to balance your student life, it takes you one step closer to achieving maturity and independence. So be sure to take full advantage of everything London has to offer!

To learn more about what student life in London is like, contact us today.