A Vacationer’s Guide to a Winter Visit in London

London is superb all year-round, but it undergoes a wondrous transformation during the winter. Apart from the fascinating ice crystals, London offers rare winter activities that will keep you coming back for more. Some of these attractions are not available year-round or are best enjoyed when surrounded by snow.

Visiting London this time of the year? Experience winter wonderland by doing the following:

1. Skate the Ice

Ice skating is a practice wholly associated with winter. Even if you are clueless on skating, this attraction is a must-do. Many locations in London feature skating rinks, including the Natural History Museum, Somerset House, Hyde Park and the Tower of London. Not only will you enjoy skating on the ice, you’re offered glorious sights from these rinks.

2. Drink English Tea

The English are known for their tea-drinking habits. Get the best out of your London experience by having tea as the English do. Beat the cold with a mug of steaming Earl Grey tea nestled between your hands.

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3. See an Opera or a Musical

New York isn’t the only place with a Broadway show. The West-End musicals and plays of London are the ones you shouldn’t miss. Watch well-loved plays such as Cats, Wicked or Sweeney Toddwhilst escaping the blistering London cold.

4. Visit the Buckingham Palace

A London visit is not complete without a visit to the Queen—or at least to her home. Buckingham Palace draped with snow is a perfect selfie background. Of course, the Changing of Guards, with their fur hats lined with snow, is an attraction you don’t want to miss.

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