Paddington Station Sign

5 Sites and Sights in Paddington

One of London’s largest and oldest train stations, London Paddington, brings passengers into the city from the Thames valley, south west England and as far afield as South Wales. It also links directly to London Heathrow. The area of Paddington is a hive of activity; there is so much to see. Take a couple of hours to walk around and explore, and you will be fascinated by what you discover.

Paddington Bear Statue

Quite fittingly, the bronze statue of Michael Bond’s famous fictional bear stands within London Paddington. The station is where Paddington arrived, having travelled to London from ‘Darkest Peru’. The statue is the work of British sculptor Marcus Cornish and is based on Peggy Fortnum’s original illustrations.

The Laboratory of Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming was working in a laboratory in St Mary’s Hospital when he discovered penicillin in 1928. While the hospital is also famous for the births of members of the Royal family, including, most recently, the young Princess Charlotte, locals and tourists can visit St. Mary’s to see a recreation of Fleming’s lab and to learn about the fascinating development of antibiotics.

Puppet Theatre Barge

The converted barge is a 55-seat floating theatre at Bloomfield Road is moored at Paddington but travels west in the summer. For over 30 years, the Puppet Theatre has put on shows for both children in London. It’s open all year round and features tales by great writers such as William Shakespeare and Federico Garcia Lorca.

Merchant Square

A unique water maze is the focal point of this garden square. Jets of water are arranged in three concentric circles that rise and fall in blocks at different times and speeds. If you get through the maze and to the centre without getting wet, you win the challenge.

Little Venice

If you’re looking for picturesque scenery away from the busy roads, take a stroll to Little Venice. It’s a residential district with stunning 17th century Italianate architecture, situated where the Regent’s Canal and the Grand Union Canal meet. The area boasts an array of waterside cafes and cosmopolitan restaurants for relaxing evenings.

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