5 of Central London’s Most Student-Friendly Eats

While some of our accommodations do offer catering, you might want to eat somewhere new for a change of pace. Grabbing a bite to eat is an excellent way to unwind with your friends, and celebrate whenever someone aces an exam. Most students do not have much in the way of spare cash, however, so dining anywhere in Central London can seem impossible at times.

But if you know where to look, there are plenty of places throughout the city that serve delicious food at student-friendly prices. Just ask your upperclassmen or the people who have stayed at the hostel for a long time, and you are likely to get some great recommendations. If you want some of the most well-known, here is a quick list ranked in no particular order, and a short description of each.

1. Scandinavian Kitchen – Open every day of the week, this wonderful food store and café brings Nordic cuisine to the heart of London. Simple yet incredibly delicious, their various sandwiches and treats are sure to impress. On a side note, adventurous diners can also buy a tin of genuine Surströmming here.

2. Pizza Pilgrims – Although you will still see their iconic van serving up delicious pizza in various locations, you can always just visit their restaurant to eat in or order takeaway. Their pizza is just as good as it was during their early street food days, and the prices are still easily affordable.

3. Lantana Café – A quaint and relaxing café in Fitzrovia, it has the perfect environment for studying. But the food and coffee are what you will really go here for; the beef burger is mouth-wateringly good, and they offer an impressive dessert menu if you have a sweet tooth.

4. Chettinad Restaurant – Bringing quintessential South Indian cuisine to the table, Chettinad has long been a favourite. Their main curry dishes are incredibly filling, and synergise nicely with the various kinds of rice, bread, and side dishes they have on the menu.

5. Bea’s of Bloomsbury – Drop by for some afternoon tea and treat yourself to their large assortment of famous cakes, or delight in the fresh, savoury items on their lunch menu. They also have a gluten free collection, for those that want truly guilt-free desserts.

Dining out makes for a great occasional treat, and if you do it at these places, it will not even be that expensive. Part of being a student is seeing everything that London has to offer, and eating great food certainly falls under that. If you also happen to discover a great place, make sure to share it with your fellow students.