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Why is staying in a London hostel better than a house share?

Looking for a long-term place to stay in London? Why not save yourself a load of money and stay in a hostel instead! There are plenty of reasons as to why hostels are better to stay in than house shares for a long-term period, and at LHA London we can tell you why.

Hostels are welcoming
When […]

Co-Living Teaches Millennials the Value of Creating Experiences

Students In Living Room

Did you ever, as a child, dream of living with your friends?

In your dream, you live in a home with 32 rooms with one large dining area. You and your friends will all eat dinner together so that suddenly, washing the dishes isn’t such a chore because you have all this dynamic tangle of friends and family to help you.

Today’s living spaces bring those childhood dreams to life, catering to Millennials’ need for a more sociable lifestyle minus the feeling […]